Netis Products Exhibited at the EXPO Securidad in Mexico
Netis has dedicated years to the pursuit of excellence in data communication technology. As a high-tech enterprise, Netis is renowned for its unwavering commitment to innovation, excelling in the research, development, manufacturing, and distribution of cutting-edge data communication network equipment.

It is a great honor to have this opportunity to participate in the  EXPO Securidad on April 15th. The Expo Securidad is the largest and most important comprehensive security exhibition in Mexico. This esteemed event is not only a platform for showcasing our latest products but also a chance to engage with a vibrant community of industry leaders and innovators who are shaping the future of the security landscape.

At this exhibition, Netis showcased its series of PoE switches, WiFi routers and other hot-selling products. In particular, 5/8 port fast ethernet switches have aroused the interest of a wide audience and have gained considerable attention for their innovative and stable performance.

A steady stream of enthusiastic attendees streamed through the venue and their enthusiasm for products and solutions was palpable. Visitors eagerly explore the latest products and engage in meaningful discussions with us.


We are also very pleased to discuss the intricacies of our products with them. The conversations we've had have been both enlightening and enriching, allowing us to share our insights and expertise while also gaining valuable perspectives from industry professionals and fellow attendees.