300Mbps Wireless N High Power Ceiling-Mounted Access Point (IEEE 802.3af&at PoE)

    The netis 300Mbps Wireless N High Power Ceiling-Mounted Access Point WF2520 provides long range, high performance wireless Internet access over large areas.It provides you multiple wireless modes including Access Point, AP Router, Client, WDS, Repeater, and WISP, for flexible wireless network setup and deployment. Also, with the 802.3af&at PoE design, you may easily establish a solution where electrical socket is unavailable or hard to reach. Under the high power mode, you will enjoy much better network experience in large homes, multi-floor offices or warehouses.

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    Ceiling-Mounted Design

    WF2520’s ceiling-mounted appearance makes it easy to be installed to the wall or ceiling surface.

    Multiple Operation Mode

    Availability for Various Network Applications

    WF2520 supports AP(Default), AP Router, and WISP as operation modes. And under AP Router mode, it provides Access Point, Client, WDS, AP+WDS, Client+Repeater modes for various wireless solutions. Based on your current network structure, you can flexibly choose a suitable wireless mode to build or extend the wireless network.

    High Power

    Penetrate Walls and Eliminate Dead Zones

    With the advanced high Power Amplifiers (PA) and Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) technology, WF2520 provides powerful Wi-Fi coverage that easily penetrates walls and Wi-Fi obstructions to provide Wi-Fi coverage in hard to reach areas. It is great for larger homes, backyards, offices, hotels and warehouses.

    PoE Supported (802.3af & at)

    WF2520 powered by an Ethernet cable which transmits data and electricity at the same time, to allow you to locate the Access Point in a position even the power slot is not available.You may feel much convenient to get the best signal and coverage when building the wireless network.