How to install Linux driver for netis wireless adapters on Ubuntu?

Every netis adapter has an “readme” file in the Linux driver package, it contains detailed installation steps, but if you still setup failed, please use this indirect way to install the driver.

Here we provide two way for you to install the driver.

Method A:

The steps are followings:

1. Please connect to the Internet through cables or other wireless cards.

2. Then download the “hardinfo” application from Ubuntu Software Center, and install it.

3.The “hardinfo” will check and install the driver for local PCI adapter automatically, and now you can use your netis wireless adapter now. 

Method B:

The steps and commands are followings:

1. Download the driver from our website.

2. Unzip

3. cd  XXX

4. sudo chmod +x ./

5. sudo sh

6. Then you driver is compile successfully. You can use your wireless connection.